Open Questions and Projects

Working Questions:
  • Under what circumstances is a single test of a system which can be modeled as an MDP equivalent, or near equivalent to evaluation of an ensemble of tests?
  • Why is controller tuning difficult?
  • Under what circumstances can controller tuning occur in parallel paths.
Ongoing projects:
  • How do you implement a table lookup in OpenCL?
  • Build of model of valve gas flow for use in OpenCL implementations of models.
  • Build a 'toy' engine model in OpenCL?
  • Implement a Python framework for policy and value iteration.
  • Document logistic curve fitting
  • Document non-convex exponential curve fitting
  • Document exponential decay with sinusoid fitting
  • Document use of FIR with other response fittings
  • Document a wxGlade workflow for Python programs
  • Implement a convex n-d curve fitting framework